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Medical Tourism Turkey

HD-FUE Hair Transplant

in Turkey for £ 1,300

 New High Density FUE
Available Only at Longevita

 All Inclusive Package
Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee
& Dental Hygiene Session

We Offer Affordable and Quality

Medical Treatments in Turkey

 Cosmetic Surgery
 Dental Treatment
 Eye Surgery
 Hair Transplant

Hollywood Smile for only


 Six porcelain veneers or crowns
with a dental hygiene session all for

 Have free dental consultation in
the UK
and get top quality implants
for your missing teeth in Turkey

Endorsed by the Turkish Government for Dentistry, Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant in Turkey

Longevita is supported by the Ministries of Economy, Health, Tourism and Culture for promoting Turkey as a top medical tourism destination and complying with the rules and regulations on dealing with international patients.

How is Hair Transplant Performed in Turkey