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Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey: How Does It Work?

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People are going ahead with cosmetic surgery abroad for a number of reasons. Affordable prices, holiday opportunity, better quality are top reasons among them. People choose cosmetic surgery in Turkey for the same reasons.

Turkey is a transcontinental country located in both Asia and Europe; therefore, it is unique for its location. Turkey provides splendid beaches on its coastal areas and rich history for its international visitors.

How to Find Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Turkey?

Patients mostly find cosmetic surgery clinics in Turkey through a web search. Some patients also learn about them by word of mouth. Once a patient sends an enquiry to the clinic, the clinic contacts the patient to provide detailed information. The main means of communication are established through e-mail and phone calls.

How to Get Treatment Plan?

The patient sends his/her pictures to the clinic so that a medical travel package including customized treatment plan is prepared under the supervision of plastic surgeon and then it is sent to the patient.

“A clearly-written medical travel package is very important” says Catherine, 27, who travelled to Turkey for her nose job, “Because that’s where one can find the treatment plan, accommodation details and costs.”

It is any patient’s right to speak to the surgeon before deciding upon cosmetic surgery in Turkey. Therefore, the clinic may arrange a free video consultation so that the patient may discuss the procedure with the surgeon in detail. “I believe video consultation is essential when it comes to medical travel because mutual understanding needs to be established between the surgeon and the patient before the patient makes a decision about medical travel”, comments Lucie. “Only after the video consultation, my worries regarding medical travel have disappeared.”

Medical Travel for Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey

When the patient decides to go ahead with cosmetic surgery in Turkey, a small deposit payment may be required to secure the place. After the deposit payment, the patient sends flight tickets so that the patient’s cosmetic surgery travel is planned by the clinic. Accommodation and transfers are also arranged.

When the patient arrives in Turkey for cosmetic surgery, s/he is met at the airport by the private driver of the clinic. The driver takes the patient to the hotel where the patient rests. The patient then meets the surgeon for in person consultation during which the surgeon informs the patient step-by-step about how the procedure will be performed.

Usually the day after the consultation, the patient checks in at the hospital for cosmetic surgery in Turkey. “I knew the surgeon was very talented and experienced, but I was not sure about the quality of the hospital. After I checked in at the hospital, I was amazed to see a state of the art facility” says Eileen, who travelled from the UK for the liposuction procedure.

After pre-operative tests are completed, the patient is taken to the operating theatre and plastic surgeon begins performing the cosmetic surgery.

After the surgery, the patient accommodates at the hospital, duration of which is determined by the surgeon. When the patient is ready to leave the hospital, s/he checks in at the hotel. A few days after the procedure, the patient visits the private clinic for the check-up. After the sufficient recovery as indicated in the treatment plan, the patient goes back to his/her country.

Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey with Longevita

The whole process mentioned above is professionally arranged by Longevita. It is Longevita’s top priority to make cosmetic surgery in Turkey a very rewarding experience. Experience of patients with Longevita does not end with cosmetic surgery in Turkey; Longevita patient services department closely monitors the recovery of the patients after they go back to their country and detailed information regarding after care is provided.

You may contact Longevita now to get your customized treatment plan for cosmetic surgery in Turkey. You may also call our call centre at +44 845 5198 948 in the UK or +90 232 3643 480 in Turkey.

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