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Hair Transplantation in Turkey

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Many people travel to Turkey to undergo hair transplant procedures. The government of Turkey is currently putting forth a lot of effort to promote medical travel for people requiring hair transplants by offering a free flight campaign. One of the best things about hair transplantation in Turkey is that it is cheaper than most others in the world. You can book hair transplant packages which cover your economy class tickets returning to your country. You will also have the procedure performed at a low cost.

There are many places where you can have your hair transplanted in Turkey. All that’s needed is just to book your hair transplantation treatment in advance. After booking, you will be issued an electronic ticket which provides you with a detailed itinerary. It’s worth noting that you won’t be restricted with your choice of airline; it will be your preference.

Hair transplantation is one of the most performed cosmetic surgery procedure in Turkey and in other countries abroad. Hair loss affects many people; both men and women have lost hair and this can become an emotional issue if it is not dealt with immediately. Many people travel to Turkey for their hair transplantation treatments on a monthly basis because the cost of the treatment is quite affordable there. Another reason is that there are many high quality hospitals in Turkey where the treatment can be carried out effectively. Turkey also has talented and experienced plastic surgeons, depending on your personal needs.

There are different hair transplant treatments available in Turkey that have been successful for many people. Thanks to advancements in technology, the problem of hair loss has become one that can be easily dealt with. Hair transplantation itself is the surgical treatment that encompasses moving someone’s hair follicles from a scalp part to bald or balding parts. The place where the hair follicle is moved from is called the donor site, while the area where the hair follicle is implanted is called the recipient site. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the procedure adopted by Turkish specialists that makes it possible to perform this.

Many people lose hair as a result of heredity. Hair loss can also be caused by medical problems, infections, or drugs. Hair loss leads to problems such as unnatural looks, infections, death of hair follicles, bleeding, and scarring. Other effects of hair loss may be swelling of the forehead and scalp, bald patches, itching, and hair thinning. Such risks like these push many people to travel from their countries to look for affordable places like Turkey to have their hair transplanted. Turkey’s experienced plastic surgeons know that real results are achieved through experience and this is yielded by their hard work.